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12 Reasons to Switch Over to Linux

Reasons to Switch Over to Linux
Written by Modou Sarr

For someone who is undecided about switching over from windows to a Linux, there are numerous advantages a Linux operating system has over any other.

This article will discuss twelve good reasons why one should opt for a Linux.

1. Price

What better motivation is there than an operating system that rarely crashes and is absolutely free? To get a Linux operating system costs nothing. In contrast to other operating system like windows which will cost $120 for an upgrade, a Linux OS saves you money and still provides you with an excellent operating system.

2. Security:

Viruses, malwares and the likes are a foreign thing in the world of Linux. With the operating system constantly being on the watch by it’s numerous viewers, Linux OS is arguably the most secure.


Windows require an anti-virus to be protected and it has to be a good anti-virus. Even with the presence of an anti-virus, the windows OS is always susceptible to threats.

3. Compatibility:

Hardware constraints might me associated with operating systems like the windows being that a minimum of 1GB of ram is required as running it on lower than that, produces a sluggish system that can be a real pain to work with.

One might even have to get a new PC if the old doesn’t meet the minimum criteria. With the numerous distros available for Linux, hardware constraint is a thing of the past. All you need is the distro that best suits your PC.

4. Easy to Use:

In the 90s, Linux was seen as a complicated operating system to work with and unfortunately that fact, which is now a thing of the past, is hindering many from using the Linux as they believe that it is still that complicated operating system that can only be maneuvered by computer geniuses.

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Over the years, Linux has been customized to have all the functionalities that are sought for in windows. They are also run out of the box and have GUI tools too.

5. Drivers:

Linux drivers are supported by the kernel and as such one need not go through the cumbersome task of searching for drivers. All that one needs to do is to plug in the driver and you are good to go. Windows on the other hand doesn’t provide a straightforward way of using drivers and one might have to search for the necessary drivers for use.

6. Desktop Environments

With the range of flavors available for a Linux, one can choose the desktop of choice. It is certainly better looking than the windows desktop.

7. Software Repository:

Most Linux desktop come with their own application store and as such, one needs not go through the tiresome task of googling for desired applications. Most importantly, you are guaranteed that whatever you install would be safe, compatible and also be regularly updated.

8. Better Updating Process:

Updates in Linux are super fast and easy. Each time updates are available, you will be notified and with just a click, your system, applications and security can be updated. In contrast to windows, there is no need to wait for the system to shutdown which is usually time consuming.

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9. Gaming:

Currently, Linux has a wide range of games for gamers compared to the past. Windows games are even accessible on Linux on the site “PlayOnLinux”. Native Linux games can also be downloaded on a site called “steam” and “”.

10 Libre Office:

Linux comes with a powerful word processing program called LibreOffice which enables free editing in addition to opening and sending Microsoft documents. With this service, funds can be saved as one need not spend to purchase such programs.

11. Availability:

Linux is an operating system that is available for everyone to download and use. The steps involved in acquiring it involve no complications. It’s free and moreover it offers users a variety of distributions to choose from.

12. Community:

The world of Linux is one large community. It provides a sense of security knowing that its numerous viewers are always on alert and this again protects against various threats. Any questions one might have based on a complication or two can easily be fixed because there would always be someone ready to help out.

We hope you found this article helpful, please let us now if you have any comments, questions and/or contributions to this article below.


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