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SpiderOak – A Secure Cloud-Storage That is all About Privacy

SpiderOak Cloud Backup Storage for Linux
Written by Jesse Afolabi

In our day and age, local storage options are gradually becoming a thing of the past and there’s been an ever-growing presence of cloud backup companies offering varying backup services.

The one huge caveat, however, is the fact that most of these cloud-related backup options are not the greatest in terms of maintaining their promise of privacy.

When it comes to backing up your data in the cloud privacy, should always be a priority as encryption, even the strongest form if it just won’t cut it.

For most end users, the mainstream cloud backup options from big players like Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox is just okay to serve our most basic needs, but for the privacy conscious individuals, and some critical enterprise environments, the best of the best in terms of privacy is usually paramount.

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Spideroak is an online-based backup company focused on offering their tried and tested online privacy and security options for those that in demand for the best there is.

Spideroak has been in the privacy game for the good part of a decade and their services span across different options that will cater to specific needs. Even famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden had this to say about it, 

“Spideroak has structured their system in such a way you can store all of your information on them with the same sort of features that Dropbox does, but they literally had have no access to the content. So while they can be compelled to turn it over, the law enforcement agencies still have to go to a judge and get a warrant to actually get your encryption key from you.”

The different variants available include:

  • SpiderOak One: is especially meant for data backup in real time to safeguard your files from potential data loss and the risks of ransomeware.
SpiderOak Cloud Storage

SpiderOak Cloud Storage

  • Semaphor: is especially meant for encrypted chat and file sharing to allow for an easier and private-centric workflow amongst members of an organization.
Semaphor Encrypted Chat and File Sharing

Semaphor Encrypted Chat and File Sharing

  • SpiderOak Groups: This is targeted at admins with the added benefit of Ransomeware protection together with the recovery of lost or stolen files. It would also serve over 10 members of a group.
SpiderOak Groups Management

SpiderOak Groups Management

  • Semaphor for Enterprise: this version of their software as the title implies, is meant for the enterprise environments to help protect against ramsomeware and also help in data recovery when necessary.
Semaphor for Enterprise

Semaphor for Enterprise

  • Encryptr: this is their password manager that can generate and secure your passwords in the cloud, all of which are accessible to you only without the possibility of any third party accessing it.
Encryptr Password Manager

Encryptr Password Manager

SpiderOak is crossplatform and offers all its services (except the enterprise version) with free trial options with the pros at coming in at a relatively cheap price.

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You can head on to their website to find out more and download the package that suits your preference.

Download SpiderOak for Linux

Let us know how it works for you in the comments after you might have installed it.

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Jesse is that tech enthusiast you never heard of...he's mainly into things relating to Linux and Android and has an unending passion for both platforms which is why he writes about them.

  • bigpook

    I have been using spideroak for the past year on my Linux boxes. I gave almost 500g up there. Very happy with the service and the file revision feature has been useful to me.

    • Jesse Afolabi

      Interesting, I’m actually looking to sign up myself.

  • Michael Kolodziej

    While its an interesting choice, why is it considered FOSS when they charge after the 30 day trail period? Sadly, I won’t be using it.

    • Jesse Afolabi

      It’s certainly isn’t FOSS in the understandable sense of the abbreviation but the quality of services​ that they offer are undoubtedly the best for anyone looking for the possible best in terms of privacy in the cloud and very well worth the price you’re paying for the comfort.

  • KB

    My criticisms of this article stem from a desire to improve future efforts, not to hate on this one. I’m sure you have real insight to offer. However, this article is vague and reads like an advertisement. Also, there are odd word choices in addition to some grammar issues. It’s almost like you had the right sentence in place and then subbed out one word or decided to rearrange something, which throws things off. I’m guessing it’s a non-native English speaker thing, so perhaps just have an editor clean up the next article? This would greatly improve readability and enhance whatever your message is for the next story. Good luck!

    • Jesse Afolabi

      I wrote it in a rush and didn’t really get the chance to go over it before it was published. Will make the corrections ASAP. Thanks.