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Stacer – The Linux System Optimizer You’ve Been Waiting For

Stacer - Ubuntu System Optimizer
Written by Jesse Afolabi

System optimizer apps are quite the thing on platforms such as Windows and Android. Their usefulness, however, is debatable considering how notorious they are when it comes to using system resources.

On the Linux platform, however, we can almost always find the applications, a developer puts their time in developing to be mostly useful.

Stacer is one such app created to better optimized your Linux PC in the sense that it packs quite the list of features you’d normally expect from an optimizer and more to give your system a refresh whenever you feel the need.

The functionalities Stacer packs include real-time system resource monitor, the ability to clear app caches, start-up monitor, ability to start/stop system services, and even uninstall applications.

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This app basically packs the features of Bleachbit and System monitor in one package with a much simpler user interface for a more fluid experience with the added advantage of being light on system resources considering that it was built using the Electron framework and yes, it’s open-source.

While the developer of the app claims it was built specifically for Ubuntu, you should be able to run it just fine on just about any other Debian-based* platform.

Stacer looks very polished and pleasing to the eyes. The dashboard is the first thing you see the first time you launch the app with details on your current system resource usage as well as network upload and download speeds.

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Watch Stacer in Action

There are five tabs that are well spaced-out that will help you navigate through the rest of the functions of the application.


Stacer Dashboard

Stacer Dashboard

System Cleaner

System Cleaner

System Cleaner

Startup Apps

Startup Apps

Startup Apps

System Services

System Services

System Services




Stacer adapts nicely to your preconfigured system in terms of the looks, so that its look is uniform with the rest of your system.

I’ve simply replaced Bleachbit and the system monitor app on my Ubuntu 16.04 system with Stacer and you probably should do.

Install Stacer in Linux Systems

First download the latest release for Ubuntu 32-bit and 64-bit from the Stacer Github release page.

--------------- On Ubuntu 64-bit --------------- 
$ wget
$ sudo dpkg --install Stacer_1.0.4_amd64.deb
$ Stacer
--------------- On Ubuntu 32-bit ---------------
$ wget
$ sudo dpkg --install Stacer_1.0.4_i386.deb
$ Stacer

On other Linux distribution, you can install manually as shown:

# git clone
# cd Stacer
# npm install && npm start

That’s it! share your experience with the app in the comments below after you might have tried it!

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About the author

Jesse Afolabi

Jesse is that tech enthusiast you never heard of...he's mainly into things relating to Linux and Android and has an unending passion for both platforms which is why he writes about them.

  • OvermindDL1

    > being light on system resources considering that it was built using the Electron framework

    Uh, what? Electron is the opposite of being light on system resources… Using any native GUI framework would use a fraction of the memory. Using no GUI framework at all and just being a console app so it can be used on non-desktops as well would use even far less memory, even just using ncurses would likely be less than a meg and would be fully portable where the current version would entirely not be. Can the current one run without a GUI? Does it eat over a hundred mega in ram because electron is way heavy? Does it run on armv7 or anything else?

    • Jesse Afolabi

      Yeah, you’re right about it not being the lightest but it was using around 70MB consistently on my PC, and considering the amount of features it packs, it’s not exactly a bad feat..

  • Eddie O’Connor

    No thanks. I guess you could call me a “purist” in that I don’t want anything resembling the stuff that Windows uses on my boxes. I prefer to remove applications through the terminal with the proper commands. Don’t need some OTHER application doing that for me. And the best part is, I know what I’m removing, and whats installed already because I installed it or removed it soon after installation of the OS.

    I find it disheartening that so many things in the open source world are trying to “copy” Windows. If anything it should be the other way around….matter of fact, Windows is definitely trying to mimic Linux (Windows 10 has “gasp”!…MULTIPLE DESKTOPS!?……Linux had that when?….around 1999/2000!????). And while I realize that not everyone who installs Linux wants to learn command line syntax, I think it makes better sense to learn as much about the things you’re going to use as you can. I never aspired to be a mechanic, but I know my way around a 6-cylider engine. I don’t ever recall wanting to be a chef, but I can make Duck L’Orange and make people think I’ve been doing it for years. I entered the IT field and immediately started to read…EVERYTHING!….I’m STILL in the process of learning even though I’m the young age of 45! There’s no excuse for laziness, not even when it comes to computers and technology, but certain groups of people would have you believe that if you’re learning how to control your PC through the Terminal and command line you’re “overdoing it”…or you’re just wasting time. Well had it not been for people who were interested in overdoing it?…there would BE no Microsoft…or Apple…or Android! Sometimes I think there’s a plot to dumb-down society to the level of apes. Sad.

    • Sarfaraz Ahmad

      Yep. such misleading shit should not be on Linux. it tarnishes its image and pisses people off. I am pissed. If people can write such productive apps, they should make something meaningful not such useless misleading shit.

    • rambo919

      yeah… not everyone can or even wants to remember all the “proper commands”. As soon as you spew out lines of code at most people they tend to go the other way by reflex. It’s not about dumbing down it’s about accesability… not everyone has the motivation to read and learn all the ins and outs when all they want to do is play a game or watch a video…. yes doing every single little thing by terminal even though good gui apps are available is overdoing it for most people…. NOT EVERYONE ARE LIKE YOU, most people in fact are not and have more pressing priorities than feeling good about themselves because they are a “genius at computer stuff”. You forget that most people in the world are NOT in any IT field and still think that anything they buy should “just work” out of the box or its broken…. they need help and understanding not condescension.

      This nonsense of Linux being a master-race OS where you MUST be terminal literate or piss off only serves to keep people under corporate thumbs because they simply have no desire to put up with all the intellectual snobbery. Yes Linux is technically superior to Windows in many aspects but I have historically not have HALF the problems with the latter that I had with the former regarding anything video driver related be it monitor resolution or dual-screen setup where nothing you do gets the desired result because every second piece of advice is SOLELY text-file related with DIFFERENT edits sometimes completely outdated…. on windows it simply works and you can move on with your life without hours of edits and restarts, a good example of how a PROPER GUI app would make things much faster and less confusing. This is discounting anything prior to win7, if Linux wants to be a modern OS it should act like it and get it’s act together, being eternally stuck in winxp being the “official competition” helps no one.

      • Eddie O’Connor

        You obviously did not understand my comment. I wasn’t “ragging” on the people who use Windows because of its ease-of-use. I was more trying to show that in ANY situation knowledge is power and it seems that some would prefer you powerless. The ones who profit from such proclivities IS NOT the end user, but the techs at the big box stores, the support personnel on the telephone or online etc. And 9 times out of ten? the tech knows as much or LESS than the user that’s calling for help. In what world do you see this as being positive or productive? You state that not everyone wants to read to learn all the ins and out when it comes to watching a video or playing a game. You must not live in this era to think that the 14 year old who has both an XBox One…and a PlayStation and who probably games on a PC the they either built or else “specc’d” out themselves DOESN’T know about using their operating system to its fullest potential. But I understand what you’re saying. I have proof positive that you’re correct, in that I installed Linux for my 70-plus mother and she’s been using her laptop since 2010 with not a worry or care. Does she need to know or will she ever have a need to go to the command line and do tasks? most definitely not. Should I expect her to know when / how to update her system?…which updates could be potentially dangerous?…which kernel might cause a kernel panic on her machine? absolutely not. But my comment isn’t geared towards those kinds of users, instead I’m talking about the ones who “complain” about Linux not being “Windows-ish” enough for them, they want a taskbar JUST line the one they had in Windows, they want applications, and programs JUST like the ones they had in Windows……listen….if you want everything to be as much like Windows….why not just CONTINUE to use Windows? I’ll tell you why, because these same people that complain? are also the ones that complain about having to spend so much on various antivirus / adware / malware software….they’re the same people who complain that Windows is sluggish after a period of time, the same ones who complain about updates that Microsoft throws at them and afterwards their app or program doesn’t function properly. If you don’t like your surroundings? change them, but when you change them don’t suffer from “The Israelite Syndrome”……where they begged God to take them out of the land of Pharoahs and bring them someplace, ANYPLACE else…..and when that time DID arrive for them to leave Egypt and they found themselves in the desert they did NOTHING but complain. If you don’t like it STAY IN EGYPT and let those who will march on. The same could be said for people who migrate to Linux looking for the “Windows Logo” its not there, it never WILL be there….so if you’re unhappy HERE….you can always go back THERE.
        And therein lies my “beef” with apps like this, its nothing to do with the user, but to continue to try to appease them by making things “behave” or “dress” like Windows insults those of us who prefer things differently…..we left the World of Windows to escape just this kind of thing….where people will design things to mimic Windows or apps that exist there. And that’s all I was saying, you need not throw insults at me….as they are as effective as clouds in the sky, apparent yet immaterial. I’ve made my point without once decrying or debasing you or your opinions…..lets see if you can do the same.

        ‘Nuff Said.

        • rambo919

          Has it never occurred to you that some people want apps like this because of it’s convenience regardless of how it looks? I am the first one to stay on a previous version of something because the “new and improved” one annoys the living daylights out of me.

          The one thing we will probably agree on is this obsession with making all gui’s “flat” which is the exact opposite of making them all “3d” which tends to fashionably follow new types of windows releases is completely and utterly rediculous.

          In the end though most sensible people want simple but powerful, they don’t want to use anything to its fullest potential unless it’s automated or at least streamlined very well.

          As for mimiking third party windows apps, a lot of them are FAR superior to anything linux has (copy handler for example) end of story. And people usually prefer what they already know instead of the alien, getting angry about it helps no one.

          • Eddie O’Connor

            I support you 100% on the “flat” issue…I mean while that might look good on a tablet or phone? It just looks stupid and “Crayola-Childish” on a desktop or laptop PC. But I guess things like that will just churn out more “fluff” that isn’t necessary. As for people wanting simple but powerful. Well it’s like I said… Mom?….knows NOTHING about a terminal. The only terminal she knows are the ones where the airplanes live. LoL! I guess the real beauty of Linux or ANY operating system for that matter is that you’re free to choose whatever you want to use on your PC so that you can be productive and get things done, regardless of what those activities are.

            I myself are in the midst of decisions:
            Do I get my T-420’s fixed and then upgrade the CPU to i7’s?…and max them out at 16GB?…..or should I just keep ’em stock and use them in their current capacity?….decisions…decisions….LoL!

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