Vimix – A Flat Material Design GTK Theme for Linux

Vimix Theme for Linux
Written by Martins D. Okoi

Vimix is a flat Material Design theme to add to your list of themes with which you can beautify your Linux desktop.

It boasts beautifully crafted icons and cool bright colors which give its glossy look and will work smoothly on any desktop environment that supports GTK3 and GTK2 which include Unity, Gnome, Budgie, XFCE, and Mate, among others.

Vimix is based on the ever beautiful Flat-Plat theme and it comes with three theme styles variants (Grey, Doder( blue), and Ruby) which each have a light and dark theme version.

Vimix Themes

Vimix Dark

Vimix Dark

Vimix Dark Doder

Vimix Dark Doder

Vimix Dark Ruby

Vimix Dark Ruby

Vimix Light

Vimix Light

Vimix Light Doder

Vimix Light Doder

Vimix Light Ruby

Vimix Light Ruby

Install Vimix Themes in Linux

We will use Noobslab PPA to install Vimix themes on Ubuntu and Linux Mint distributions as shown.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:noobslab/themes
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install vimix-flat-themes
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If you want to manually install Vimix get its .tar.gz source package from its GitHub releases page and install it as shown:

Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros:

$ sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf libxml2-utils
$ ./

Fedora/CentOS/RedHat distros:

# yum install gtk-murrine-engine gtk2-engines
# ./

What do you think about Vimix Theme? Share your feedback in the comments section.

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About the author

Martins D. Okoi

Martins Jr. (Dillivine) Okoi is a graduate of Computer Science with a passion for Linux and the Open Source community. He works as a Web designer & developer, technical writer, and programmer.

  • Tim Bénédet

    It is possible to install this on Xubuntu 16.04.2 i386 ?

    • It should be, as long as you are running either GTK+ 3.20 ( or later) or GTK2 engine Murrine (or later) and GTK2 pixbuf engine or the gtk(2)-engines package.

      You can either use synaptic package manager to check your GTK version or enter “dpkg –get-selections | grep gtk” into your terminal

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