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Writefull – A Powerful Tool That Will Help You to Write More Confidently

Writefull – Best Writing App
Written by Divine Okoi

Writefull aims to greatly improve your writing by comparing your text against its language database for chunks of phrases that it can compare with yours (and in some cases, complete yours with) to give you Grammar tips, synonyms, and context guides.

It can even tell you how often the phrases you typed are found in its language database depending on your choice of database. It is powered by Google’s search engine and is available for Linux, Windows, macOS and Google Chrome for free.

Ultimately, it provides you with quick word definitions, synonyms, and words to conjugate your sentences in context. Because it relies on Google for its search results, it does not work offline.

Writefull was recently featured in The Next Web, Entrepreneur Magazine, BBC among others and was awarded the Catalyst Grant 2016.

7 Main Features of Writefull App


Writefull presents a good number of utility features every writer can take advantage of it and the highlights include:

A Dictionary

You can search for word definitions by entering /define followed by the word you want to be defined.

For example,

/define foss

4 Language Dictionaries

Search for text using any of the databases: Google Books, Google Scholar, Google News, and Google Web, which is a handy feature for streamlining search results and ideal for academic writing e.g searching “Scientists have discovered that_” in the Scholar database.

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Phrase Count

You can search to see how often a phrase was used and in what context. The higher the number of occurrences, the more likely the word is written correctly.

Contextual Sentence Completion

This is a nifty feature that helps you complete sentences by enclosing words in the star (*) or underscore (_) characters.

In the screencast below, Writefull returns a word to complete the sentence within context and orders them by their occurrence in the selected database.

Synonyms in Context

This feature helps you get rid of the word you want to quit using repeatedly by giving you synonyms for the highlighted word in their appropriate context. Highlighting a word in the sentence tells Google the word for which it wants to find the synonyms and you can do that by enclosing it in the star character.

E.g. It is a *fascinating* book will give you results like “it is an interesting book” and “it is a charming book“.

Sentence Translator

Get sentence translations by entering “/translate” followed by the chunk of text you want to be translated.

E.g. to get the translation for “Es un bonito día“, enter “/translate Es un bonito día“.

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Word Pronunciation

Let Writefull pronounce text for you by entering “/say” followed by the phrase you want to hear.

E.g. to hear “welcome” enter “/say welcome“.

The development team promises to deliver more features to its users over the course of time so stay tuned to catch up on any updates we have.

You can check out all its features along with tutorials here.

Download Writefull for Ubuntu

For now only .deb packages are available:

What do you think about Writefull as a new way to write with confidence? Would you pick its powerful search feature over Grammarly’s error-checking? Or will you keep them both?

Test the app and drop your feedback in the comments section.


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